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Called Beyond works to provide outdoor experiences to children and families who are impacted by disability, special needs or various obstacles.


Called beyond seeks to share the value of life, family, and creation through taking families with children impacted by disability, special needs, or various obstacles on outdoor adventures. Their stories will be shared in order to inspire, encourage and bring hope to a hurting world. Called Beyond works with volunteers, organizations and through donors to change lives, make dreams come true, and point to The Creator through His creation.

The Rinella Family

The Rinella’s

The Rinella’s have a passion for God, family and the outdoors, and a desire to share that passion with others. They raise their family in the West, hunting, fishing and spending as much time in the mountains as possible.

Jesse has always been up for a challenge when it comes to getting others into the field. Whether bear hunting with a 2-month-old on his back or taking his 93-year-old grandmother ice-fishing, his heart for others drives him to overcome any obstacle and his heart for sharing creation drives him to the top.

Aby writes and speaks on family in the field for both the homeschool community and the outdoor industry; writing for a variety of publications and organizations.

The Rinella’s have a deep desire to take the passions, opportunities and dreams they have been given and bless others.

It was out of this that Called Beyond was born.

You can find the Rinella’s at Calledtothetop.com.

Board Members

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Knowles Family
The Knowles

Tayt and Emily are college sweethearts that have built a life of adventure together, founded on their faith.

Tayt was raised hunting and fishing and his passion has only grown in the last 2 decades as he has passed that tradition down to their children, who both enjoy the majesty of God’s creation through spending time in the wilderness.

Their son was born with a rare condition called “T.A.R. Syndrome.”  (Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius)

He is missing radius arm bones and has a blood disorder. His rare syndrome does not stop the Knowles family from enjoying God’s creation together, making memories and growing closer to Him; it only fuels their passion for the value of life and sharing the One who gives it.

Recently, the Knowles walked through the process of modifying their son’s rifle to fit his unique needs so that he can step into the field with confidence and excitement!

The Knowles are honored to serve Called Beyond. Both Tayt and Emily have years of experience with non-profit organizations and look forward to being members of the Called Beyond team,  glorifying God’s kingdom.

The Knowles

The Schiemer’s

The Schiemer’s are an agricultural family that lives on the Idaho/Oregon border. Their passions included farming, hunting, fishing, faith and homeschooling their children. Any chance they get, they sneak away into God’s wonderful creation: exploring, learning and spending time with each other.

The Schiemer’s